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Library Contacts

Eric S. Riley | Librarian | Email: fritter@openhearth.org |

What We Offer

OHF Pagan Library 

The Open Hearth Foundation Library will be in storage until a new space can be located. 

You can help build the library.  Browse the online catalogue and review the holdings. If you have material to donate that is not covered, please contact the OHF Librarian.  

You can help re-open the Library.  Please make a recurring monthly donation.  Please lake time to learn about Pagan communities, traditions, practices, and beliefs. The Library strives to reflect the diversity of the Pagan community and its various traditions, and to encourage thoughtful research and dialogue among members of its communities.

Scope of the Collection

The OHF Library collection contains materials relevant to:

Modern Paganism, its communities, traditions, practices, theology, and beliefs cultures, philosophies, histories, and religious teachings that influence modern Pagan traditions.

The occult, magick, witchcraft, and parapsychology nature based spirituality holistic living and healing mythology, folklore, and fiction from relevant Pagan authors or that has inspired contemporary Pagan practice realia and objects relevant for study or research within a spiritual context selected works for comparative religious study donations.

The Open Hearth Foundation Library has been collected over the last ten years through the generous donations of books, videos, periodicals, and other materials. We continue to accept donations of new materials for the purpose of developing the collection. Not all donated items will be added to the collection, depending upon need, relevance, and value. Donations outside the scope of the collection will still be put to good use through exchanges with local bookstores.


The Library is currently closed to the members and the public.

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